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Chris Rafferty
Chris Rafferty

Glasgow, UK

Graphic designer, illustrator, and pixel artist. Co-founder of indie game studio Not Quite Black and White. Artist on Resolutiion. My first novel is available now on Kindle amzn.to/2RvvsF2

  1. Game Poster (Work in Progress) workinprogress portrait poster promo video game gamedev art illustration illustrator
  2. Noah animations compilation gamedev pixel art video game game assets art character indiedev indie game development game art gif pixelart pixel animation resolutiion
  3. Naamah animation compilation game assets game art 8-bit gif character animation game development indiedev video game gamedev art pixel art pixelart pixel
  4. Resolutiion Logo v1.0 typography vector video game gamedevelopment indie dev gamedev logodesign logotype logo design resolutiion branding logo
  5. Elevator Room gif animation video game pixel art pixelart gamedevelopment gamedev indiegamedev indiegame indiedev pixel art resolutiion
  6. Resolutiion Environments indiedev screenshot environment game art video game pixel art design gamedev pixel art resolutiion
  7. Valor Weapon Concepts pixelart concept art concept game development resolutiion pixel gamedev art pixel art video game design
  8. Art of Resolutiion book cover sketch procreate digital digital illustration gamedev branding art design illustration
  9. Atollers 8-bit game assets zombies zombie gif pixelart resolutiion pixels art video game animation gamedev pixel pixel art
  10. The Kids resolutiion animation loop 8-bit character animation gif animation game development indiedev gamedev pixel pixel art pixelart
  11. David Simpson Illustration brushstrokes inky painting digital painting digital illustration digital art musician music procreate branding identity illustration
  12. Monolith of Minds digital procreate app procreate promotional portrait video game gamedev pixel pixel art art illustration
  13. Serena Joy realism handmaids tale digital illustration digital procreate portrait art illustration
  14. Augmented Reality procreate work in progress illustration augmented reality
  15. Battlestar Galactica pixel animation 2d animation battlestar galactica gif animated gif pixel animation pixel art
  16. Attack animation photoshop game dev indie game game video game pixels pixel art
  17. Momoko and Neko-chan cartoon motion graphics robot cat girl japanese japan after effects animation anime
  18. Still Game line art still game glasgow scottish scotland broons comic illustrated illustration digital photoshop
  19. Batgirl illustration fashion girl ink markers pens copic flat dc comics comics design batgirl
  20. Harley Quinn illustration fashion girl ink markers pens copic flat dc comics design harley quinn comics
  21. Sailor Moon illustration fashion girl ink markers pens copic flat sailor moon anime design
  22. X-Girls illustration fashion girl photoshop ink flat x-men marvel comics design
  23. Bubblegum adventure time princess pink design flat copic pens markers ink girl fashion illustration
  24. Mononoke studio ghibli mononoke princess pink flat copic pen markers ink girl fashion illustration
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